Can LAMMPS do this?

Hello everyone
I want to explore the interaction between oil paper or the diffusion mechanism of moisture between oil paper of transformer by molecular simulation.

  • References are shown in the attachment.The studies in the references were all completed under materials studio software.The insulating paper is made of cellulose and the insulating oil is made of mineral oil.I’m a newbie. Can I finish this project in a year by lammps?There was no one in our research group to guide me. I had to learn all by myself.My major is electrical engineering.

  • Thank you very much for any answer!

Molecular dynamics study of water molecule diffusion in oil–paper insulation materials.pdf (729 KB)

i strongly advise against starting molecular dynamics studies without competent and experienced tutoring and supervision. running a simulation software is comparatively simple, coming up with good simulation setups and correctly planning and analyzing simulations is non-trivial and requires experience and practical knowledge.

LAMMPS is likely to be technically capable of performing the simulations you are after, but that doesn’t automatically mean, that you’ll learn to do meaningful simulations all by yourself in limited time.