Can LAMMPS do this?

Dear Lammps users,I want to do a nano-capillary molecular dynamics simulation.The capillary wall consists of a fixed hydrophilic wall and a hydrophobic sphere, as shown in the attached picture. Finally, I want to analyze the effect of the hydrophobic sphere on the capillary rate and the effect of the curvature of the spherical surface on the capillary. In addition, I would like to study the effect of this structure on the evaporation rate of water. Can I implement this analysis with LAMMPS?

yours sincerely´╝î
Jingwei Gao
National center for nanoscience and technology, Beijing 100190

Yes it can. All you need to do is, see lammps manual, perform certain examples associated with it and have a literature survey of how people do similar things. There has been lot of simulation studies on interaction of nanodroplets with crystalline surfaces.
Good luck.

Deep M. Patel.