Candidate resources for deployment of data dictionaries

This topic is to gather suggestions for resources to deploy data dictionaries for the DataDicts working group.

Specifically, once a dictionary is developed, we wish to make its terms resolvable as HTTP URIs. Thus, we need to identify resources to host this capability, including the people in our working group who can interface with these resources.

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What about just a static site (or a couple static sites) on somewhere?

[Can you host a read-only API on github pages? - DEV Community](https://here’s an interesting post) demonstrating how this might work

That could certainly work. I have experience with github pages, and could enable it for a marda-dd repository.

@ml-evs and I wrote a server for @Zachary_Trautt’s proposed “hello world” exercise here. I currently have it deployed on a basic $5/mo shared server via, using a domain name that I already have registered.

+1 for trying out methods for hosting APIs on static sites (see e.g. this recent example showing how you can run a full SQL API from GH pages with wasm-compiled sqlite), or at least something low maintenance like netlify or heroku. I also have experience with this kind of ad hoc infrastructure and would be happy to contribute.

A template GitHub repository that shows how easy it is to “self-host” definitions in this way would be a useful outcome of this group IMO.