capillary filling of a CNT with water data file

Dear lammps users,

I can’t open the in this link

User-contributed LAMMPS input scripts and howto explanations
This page is for user-contributed content of interest to other LAMMPS users. The intent is to provide a forum for anyone to illustrate how they do something with LAMMPS, so that others can learn or ask questions.

Could anyone send this file to me? Thank you very much


Dear Luo,

Please find enclosed the perl script. In fact, on my side I’ve switched from writing such scripts by hand to using tools that are fulfilling my needs for a much reduced effort, such as moltemplate ( - you can find an example of a very similar setup on the webpage, or packmol for more complex systems (

Best regards,
Laurent (7.85 KB)

in.cnt (3.12 KB)