Change of material state during coordination analysis

During the computation of only the time averaged Radial Distribution Function for the Argon Gas, I found the following graph during the simulation. Does it means it firstly transformed to liquid state from solid and then gas?

Impossible to say with the limited information you provide.

Are you starting from an equilibrated configuration or from atom positions on a lattice?

Please understand that LAMMPS will run the simulation no matter what you throw at it for as long as the input is valid and no other technical problems happen that interfere with its assumptions.

Wheter this is meaningful science is something that you have to watch over and that you determine with your input.

Or to put it differently, when the food is burned, it is not the fault of the oven.

I’ve created random positioned atoms in a specified given space dimensions. You can check the attached script.
input_script7.txt (3.6 KB)

Sorry, I don’t have time to check this. Also I don’t understand how you infer your assessment from a single g(r) graph that looks like one for a liquid or dense gas.

Alright thanks !! I got my answer. :slight_smile: