change type in SPH

Dear Georg and all,

I have three types of particle (SPH) in my simulation. In the system there are four objects.

Water (type 1),
Cylindrical object (type 2),

Box frame (type 2),

Air (type 3).

That means both of cylindrical object and box frame are defined by type 2. Lattice for cylindrical object and box frame is the same. In this case simulation works fine. now suppose I define new type 4 with characteristics same as type 2 (mass , pair_style , …).
It is expected when be changed cylindrical object type to type 4 via “set command”, the simulation results do not change, but change! in the simulation was used pair_style hybrid/overlay.



excuse me, in previous my email changing type 2 to type 4 done by hand not via “set command”. thanks.

Try printing forces on particles via the dump command

and see if they change when you change the particle

types and pair coeffs.