Changes in KSPACE/ewald source breaks USER-OMP package

Changes in KSPACE/ewald.{h,cpp} introduced in revision 7782 of LAMMPS subversion repository has broken the compatibility with USER-OMP package.

ewald_omp.cpp: In member function
‘virtual void LAMMPS_NS::EwaldOMP::compute(int, int)’:
  ewald_omp.cpp:188: error: no matching function for call to ‘LAMMPS_NS::EwaldOMP::slabcorr(int&)’
ewald.h:54: note: candidates are: void LAMMPS_NS::Ewald::slabcorr()
make[1]: *** [ewald_omp.o] Error 1

I'm currently compiling subversion revision 7790.

PS: there is also a problem with USER-CUDA package for which a patch has been posted recently. Can we setup a proper building test against all packages before new features are introduced in the repository?
... or at least with commong MAKE/Makefile.{serial, openmpi, ...}