Checking old LAMMPS

Hello LAMMPS users,

I have been working with a version of LAMMPS built at least 2 years ago, it presented my some problems that are already fix in the new version, so I built the newest version of LAMMPS for Linux, after update some commands in the script the errors were gone, but my simulations now are super-slow, after trying many things like use gfortran, icc, MPI, I had some trouble trying to find the MPI paths so I installed MPICH2 in a local subfolder (because I am not the admin) but still it runs slow. I have just the previous version of the executable as a reference and I don’t know who built it so I was wondering if there is a way to know which paths is it using without consulting the make file? perhaps a command like make package-status

Thank you for your help,

Mario Muralles
KyungHee University, South Korea

Speed is normally not a function o f how you built the code.

If you have a simple script that illustrates a problem than
ran significantly faster 2 years ago than now, please post it.