Chrysopoeia at last!

Chrysopoeia, or nuclear transmutation of base metals into gold, has long been of interest to alchemists. We at MP are proud to announce a major step forward in this centuries-long quest: we have successfully transmuted lead to gold in all of our lead-containing compounds. This is doubly significant because a reduction in utilization of lead has long been a priority for public safety.

Some of the transmuted compounds neither maintain the reduced cell formula of the original compound (with Pb→Au) nor contain all of the non-Pb elements of the original compound, but many do, and all are precious.

For the sake of the persnickety among you, we are migrating our data in stages and invite you to inspect the quality of the transmutations and give your feedback here. For now, you will only see a transmuted compound on our website when loading a material detail page for a Pb-containing compound (look for the magic wand icon next to the chemical formula: see image below), and only when signed in. Searches on the website, usage of apps e.g. for phase diagrams, and all API requests are unaffected at this time.

Transmutation of mp-567629 (CsPbBr3)

To a safer and more magical future!