Colloid Mass Real Units Question

Hello LAMMPS Users,

I was just wondering how the mass for colloidal particles should be represented in the input file. Is it the same as regular atoms (e.g. Ar = 39.948 gm/mol) and LAMMPS calculates its mass based on the diameter provided in the input file or does the mass listed in the input file have to reflect the true mass of the colloid (e.g. 10 Ar atoms as a colloid = 10*39.948=399.48 gm/mol)?

Thank you,


LAMMPS does not calculate a mass for any particle based on the
diameter. The one exception is granular particles where you specify
a density rather than a mass. So for the colloid case, the colloid
particles are just another atom type. And you need to specify
their mass explicitly, either in the data file or via the mass command.