colloid pair style coefficient

Hi all,

Based on manual A_cc = 4PI^2, but it’s A_cc = 4PI^2e(rhosigma^3)^2 = 4PI^2e(rho*)^2 as in the EVERAERS paper. Do I have to multiply 4PI^2 by ‘e’ and rho? or how the effect of epsilon and density are incorporated into the equation if it’s not through A_cc?

Like in lammps example for colloid the A_cc = 1.0 and A_ss = 10.0, what are e and rho* here?

The formula on the doc page is what is implemented
in the code. If it is different from the paper, e.g. by
some scaling factor, then you need to include the
scaling factor you want in the pair coeff params
you specify.