coloring atoms with its per-atom properties

Is it possible to draw the pdb file or figure-format file in which atoms are colored by its per-atom properties(stress, temperature etc) using pizza program?
If it is, what data files (what are the format of output files and relevant commands in input file?) should I prepare in detail and what moldule and command should be used in pizaa for the processing of those data in pizza?

Many thanks for your helps in advance.



Yes, it's possible both in and VMD. Search the mail
list for discussions of this for VMD. For, see the
doc page for the dump tool. There is an "atype" setting that
uses a column you choose from the dump file as the "type"
of the atom, which is what the various viz tools in
use to determine the color of the atom. See examples/
for an example of its use to color flow atoms by their velocity