command of cna/atom

Hello everyone!

Please help me, Thanks!The email is about my confusion about command cna/atom.

Hello everyone!

Please help me, Thanks!

nobody can help you, if you don't describe your problem well.

you just say that you don't get what you want, but that
is not the right way to look at it. a computer program does
not understand what you want. in fact, one probably has
to be a mind reader that can also look at your subconscious.

a computer program does *exactly* what you *tell* it to do.
so you have to look at what it does in a step-by-step fashion,
validating and checking *at each step* that it does what the
documentation says it would do and then tell us *what exactly*
is not the way that the docs say it is.

the chances to get a helpful response to requests of the kind
"please correct my input for me" are usually rather slim, since
this is not so much a problem with LAMMPS directly but rather
a problem of understanding.