Compatibility of models available at with the kim api versions

Hello all,
I am quite new to using potential models from the kim repository. I have installed the kim api version 2.1.2 and build lammps with the kim package. I wish to use the following model

MEAM_2NN_Fe_to_Ga__MO_145522277939_001. However, as I tried to obtain the kim model I got an error stating

*** ERROR *** MEAM_2NN_Fe_to_Ga__MO_145522277939_001 found at is not compatible with this version of the KIM API.
I am able to obtain potential models with API version 2 and above
I could see that the version of API mentioned with this model is 1.6.
Thus, I wished to confirm whether the issue with compatibility is due to the version of API or some other reason.

Thanks in advance

Hi Avadhoot,

The incompatibility is indeed because that model was designed for KIM API 1.6 and you have KIM API 2.1.2 installed (the API follows the semantic versioning convention, so a change in the major version number indicates a backwards-incompatible change). I recall starting to create a KIM API v2-compatible version of this model some time ago, but stalled when I ran into some strange memory leak issues (that may or may not have been caused by a gfortran bug). Probably the fastest way to get this into our system is as a Simulator Model since it appears to be supported by the existing “meam/c” pair style in LAMMPS, but I haven’t used it myself so will have to look into it.