Compiling errors - advice needed

Hi, has anyone come across the following error messages?

I’m trying to compile LAMMPS with the latest version - At revision 12533 on an SGI Altix UV2000 running SUSE LINUX Enterprise 11. I was using Intel compilers with OpenMPI 1.8.1. All packages have been installed except gpu and user-cuda.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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this has been reported on this mailing list a few times before. the
solution is to use the -restrict flag with the intel compilers.


If you read the sections of different accelerator packages
under doc/Section_accelerate.html, you will see that
several of them (including USER-INTEL) require new
compiler flags. So it is best not to install those packages

unless a) you intend to use them, and b) you read the
associated doc pages that explain how to build with them.


Thanks Steve.

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