compiling LAMMPS with CUDA: CUDA ARCH undefined

Dear LAMMPS developers/users,

I have noticed the following problem while trying to compile LAMMPS with cuda:

cuda.cpp(87): error: identifier "CUDA_ARCH" is undefined
     if(shared_data.compile_settings.arch != CUDA_ARCH) printf("\n\n # CUDA WARNING: Compile Settings of cuda and cpp code differ! \n # CUDA WARNING: arch: cuda %i cpp %i\n\n", shared_data.compile_settings.cufft, CUDA_ARCH);

compilation aborted for cuda.cpp (code 2)
make[1]: *** [cuda.o] Error 2

what I do is as follows:
cd .../lib/cuda
make precision=1 arch=13 cufft=1

which produces libcuda.a in my cuda directory, hence I believe the package itself is built okay.

I have read earlier posts mentioning this error, however, they did not really apply in my case.

Any input is very much appreciated, thanks in advanced!

With best wishes,