compute pair/local command: error on dump local output depending on the cutoff style

Dear all Lammps users,

I am facing a quite bizarre error.
I am doing some tests on a simple system composed of 11 particles which

overlap and interact through the granular pair_style.

In order to characterize better what is going on between each pair I have a standard

local dump output (as described in the manual) :


compute 1 all property/local patom1 patom2
compute 2 all pair/local dist fx fy fz


dump dmp_loc all local 10000 data/loc*.dat index c_1[1] c_1[2] c_2[1] c_2[2] c_2[3] c_2[4]

The problem is the following: If the pair/local compute remains with the default cutoff “type”, I do not get any errors. By contrast, if I use the cutoff “radius” I get the following error on the dump:

“Dump local count is not consistent across input fields”.

I don’t understand why the simple choice of the cutoff style is messing up with the dump command !
Any suggestions ?

Thanks for your time.



it is simply because the same cutoff needs to be applied on the

property/local compute.