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Dear all

A simple question. I am a bit confused as to whether "thermo_style custom etotal "will print out the intensive total energy (sum of (ke + pe)/natoms) or just the sum of ke+pe?

It seems like it is printing out the former one.

I read the documentation (it says it creates a compute as if it is initialized and the in the documentation of compute pe, it says it is extensive.)

Please disregard the below part if is intensive. I just created a small code to check this. It gave intensive values (which i cross checked by hand).

Thanks in advance

Vaidyanathan M S

Dept of Chemical Engineering

UT Austin

coord.0.txt (1.84 KB)

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Are you using units lj?

If yes, this is explained in the units doc page, "Note that for LJ
units, the default mode of thermodyamic output via the thermo_style
command is to normalize energies by the number of atoms, i.e.
energy/atom. This can be changed via the thermo_modify norm command.".


Please keep in mind that thermo output is normalized by default with reduced units and unnormalized otherwise.


Dear Axel/Ray

Thanks alot… :slight_smile: yes… i was using lj units…I did not read the units doc page carefully


Vaidyanathan M S