computing h,k

hello dear
i want to compute both convection/conduction heat transfer coefficient(h,k).i’ve read documention but couldn’t find anything.
can anybody help me and give the link or papers that can help me.

I assume you have read:
Muller & Plathe (1999), Phys.Rev.E, Vol 59, pp 4894-4898

Are you asking for a good textbook which explains thermal
conductivity? (non-equilibrium stat-mech?)

Generally I would say that google is your friend here
(for examples of input files from confused people posting to the mailing list)

Perhaps somebody else will reply..


some random text book links
(My textbooks are all in storage, so I'm not sure these books
specifically discuss thermal conductivity)
Allen & Tildesly discusses the topic on p 61–Kubo_relations

Also examples/KAPPA

and Section 6.20 of the manual.