Conda package for ovito python module without graphical interface

Hi, I am automating some pre-processing with Ovito. This means I care about the size of the python environment that I install ovito in.
Although conda has recently added support for pypi, my workflow does not work with pip packages; but the conda package for ovito includes the graphical application, which adds hundreds of megabytes to the environment.
Would it be possible to provide an ovito python module only conda-forge package?

Yes, conceivably, the ovito Anaconda package could be split into a Python-only part and a part that contains just the desktop application, but this is not trivial (in terms of the package recipe and build process). I would need to think more about the consequences and the required technical changes first before taking this step.

But I can predict with certainty that savings from leaving away the GUI would be only marginal in terms of disk space. OVITO’s core libraries, the Python binding layer and the third-party libraries
required by the core make up a much larger fraction than the GUI-related code. A Python-only package would have to contain basically everything that is in the current Anaconda package except the ovito executable and the *Gui.ovito.{so,dll} libraries. These files only take up a couple of megabytes. The Qt5 and OSPRay libraries, which are both dependencies of the OVITO core and its rendering backends, are the largest chunks and would still be required for a fully functional OVITO Python module.

Since there is not much to be gained, I am hesitant to changing the current packaging structure. What do you think?

I wrongly assumed Qt was not necessary for rendering with the OVITO Python module, and I do need to render. Thanks for the quick response and clarification.

Yeah, the core C++ code of OVITO uses the Qt framework for a lot of low-level, cross-platform stuff, not just the graphical user interface. And since the Qt package for Anaconda is not modularized, this dependency needs to be installed as a whole.