constant deposition rate with variable timestep?

Hello people,

I've just started doing some ion bombardment simulations and I can't seem to figure out how to introuduce new particles at constant time intervals while using the dt/reset fix. I need something like the dt/reset fix because the allowed timestep during the ion impact and equilibration afterwards varies enormously. But since the deposition command follows the number of steps, the introduction rate of new particles also varies a lot (which is unwanted).

I tried using both the timestep and fix dt/reset commands, to see if the deposit command would follow M*timestep, but the timestep setting just gets ingored it seems, when also using dt/reset.

I'm sure loads of other people have had the same issue before me, so I assume I missed something while searching the manual, or not thinking up the obvious solution that should pop into my head. So could someone tell me what the obvious solution is that I've managed to overlook please?


An option would have to be added to fix deposit to
use elapsed time, instead of timestep count to trigger
deposition events. Timsteps count timesteps, independent
of the timestep size or whether the size changes.