Convergence criteria

i am doing analysis of uniaxial tensile test of aluminum and i had found the kinetic energy at each step and with using the ave/time lammps command i found the cumulative average of kinetic energy which is converging . Now i need to find the convergence criteria at what time step it is converging using the loops
. Please help me writing the code (2.8 KB)
. Here I am attaching the script.

As has been pointed out to you before, to get suitable help here, you need to explain in detail where exactly your problem is and how that relates to LAMMPS. Requests in the form “please do my work for me™” will get very sympathy here. Anything that is about how to do your research is, in fact, off topic here and should be discussed with your adviser, tutor, supervisor, collegues or mentors.

thanks sir , basically i have to find out convergence of cumulative kinetic energy i. e. at what time step the plot of cumulative kinetic energy is converging to a some tolerance value say 10^-4 . I have shared my input file , EAM potential file, and a mention file in command script… what more information you needed?
it will be done by using loop and jump command can you please correct the input script where i am getting.
or sir you can give reference of examples from where i can learn how to use loops in lammps.

Al99.eam.alloy (791.5 KB) (3.6 KB)
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