copper tensile test

Hello all,

I have simulated the tensile test of a copper RVE, but there are some problems…

a tensile load in the x direction, is applied to a RVE of 26 * 26 * 46 Å of copper atoms at a temperature of 300K.

Zoning of the RVE is shown in the picture attached. Both the Right and Left parts are rigid and the middle part is where the stress and strain is calculated for.

there are two problems in results.

First, the calculated stresses don’t rise uniformly with increasing the applied load. And it has a Swingingnature. When we changed the temperature to 0.01K the swinging disapeared .but our simulation is at 300 K and I don’t know how to get rid of swingings.

Second, when the stress in the middle plate(which its normal vector is perpendicular to loading axes) are recorded separately, it is negative means the RVE is under compression, while the tensile load is applied to central region of the RVE as written in the code.

Again, we appreciate your help.

Pristine-cu.rar (27.2 KB)

I don’t know what RVE or swinging means. There are various

issues that can occur when you start pulling

on a sample. It can introduce a small or large shock

in the material if applied instantaneously. There are also

issues with how you thermostat and measure temperature

in a sample being loaded. Section 6.16 discusses some