Couette Flow Slip vs. No Slip

In my experience its good to keep everyone else in the conversation, as these convos also serve as documentation.

I suggest reading up on Knudsen number effects, before getting much deeper into your simulations or this conversation. This is a VERY old topic. Also remember no-“slip” does not imply “sticking”, it implies that the mean velocity of particles at the wall, is the same as the wall velocity(no velocity discontinuity). If you are interested in just obtaining linear velocity profiles, I suggest using fix deform to perform “homogeneous shear”, as wall effects are absent.

I cannot over-exaggerate to you, the importance of reading up on this topic before you go any further, and let the numerical details come after you understand the question you are trying to answer.

I will read up on all of this stuff and will hopefully figure out what conditions I need.

I saw some examples online that should be helpful to me but they require a data file titled “data.shear”

Where can I find this data file? I am having trouble finding it on the LAMMPS website.


I am not positive about what you are referring to. If you want to perform Homogeneous shear, there is an example input for 2D that comes with lammps. See NEMD.