Could I get any comments for phonon wave packet

Hi all

I would like to do wave packet simulation

passing through the interface between different materials like below

I have searched the refs,

and ref usually explain that these displacement is applied by lammps


this equations has many paramrters but, I could not fully understand and

If i could know the parameter, how I apply this equation into lammps?

If someone know the phonon wave packet , please give me Any comment or let me know the any tutorial/example to do it.


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Sorry, but the best advice you can get here is for technical problems and about how to apply existing functionality. However, your problems are of a rather theoretical nature and about how to implement new functionality (or so it seems from your message). For that you need to talk with people competent in the methods you want to use and the primary targets for that would be the authors of the papers you were referring to, or others that have applied the same feature.