Could lammps simulate this model

Dear helper:
    My task is as below:
    In a closed box, we contain 5000 hydrogen atoms and a slice of Pt atoms. We want to simulate an absorption process on Pt sufface. And the combined and dissociated process of 2 hydrogen atoms is needed.
    As a freshman, I want to know whether lammps can do this.
    Thanks for reading this letter written in poor English.

User wsw

The question is what potential do you want to use to model
this process, and does LAMMPS implement it. H with metals
is often modeled with EAM, which LAMMPS can do, but you
would have to look around to find an EAM potential file
for Pt/H systems. The web sites listed on the EAM doc page
in LAMMPS are a good place to start.