Couldn't use REST API to submit new structures?

When I follow the procedure in " " to submit new structures, the following error occurred:

REST error with status code 403 and error {“valid_response”: false, “error”: “Open only to staff right now.”, “version”: {“db”: “2018.11”, “pymatgen”: “2018.11.30”, “rest”: “2.0”}, “created_at”: “2018-12-11T09:42:00.847306”}

If it is only open to staff right now, how can I (as a end user) submit new structures?
Thank you very much!

Did you connect to the /rest/v1 endpoint as indicated in the last notebook cell? This is only necessary for submitting structures. All other end-user queries may and should use the default /rest/v2 endpoint.

MP team

Thank you very much! I get it done. But I have another question here:

How to add BiBTex information for structures existed in the database (submitted by myself)?

Many thanks!