CPU time exceeded

I am running a crack problem (Al) and clost to the end I received CPU time limit exceeded! Is that a problem in the processor speed or memory? Also if I need to work on a problem which has 1 million of atoms, just a uniaxial tension test, what is the computer configurations required? Thanks


This is a problem with your local computer cluster. You should speak with the administrator to find out how to increase the allowed time.

It is impossible to say without more information what sort of computer you would need to simulate one million atoms. That’s a very large simulation, you should really try to start with something smaller and investigate how the time taken scales with particle count and the number of available processors.



this problem is completely unrelated to lammps. You reserved too little time on your cluster.

Your second question in fact has the same roots. To determine how many procs*time you need, run a test and then scale time that was spent on a test to the real problem size (short-range potentials scale linearly).


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