create_atoms random

I’m using the create_atom command with the style random, and I don’t always get the desired number of atoms (N). The command is the following :

create_atoms 1 random 100000 110 NULL units box

This is what the program does :

LAMMPS (28 Aug 2012)
Created orthogonal box = (-64.3842 -64.3842 -64.3842) to (64.3842 64.3842 64.3842)
1 by 1 by 1 MPI processor grid
Created 99999 atoms

Is it because of overlapping ?

Thank you.


Hi Paule,

It seems to work fine for me in the most recent version of LAMMPS (13 Feb 2014). Is it possible for you to try with something newer?

August 2012 is quite an old version- quite a lot may have changed (and the manual online refers only to the most recent version).