Creating Bonds, Angles, Dihedrals in the LAMMPS input file

Hello Mr.Steve,

I,m trying to make input file for LAMMPS. I have Packed desired number
of EPON862 and DETDA atoms in Packmol. Got a file(.xyz) with number of
atoms. But I need to find bonds, angles, and dihedrals between those
atoms. Is there any software which can generate files for bonds,
angles, dihedrals directly for all atoms or Anyother option you can
suggest me.


Ashok Kumar Bevara (1.41 MB)

LAMMPS includes several pre-processing tools in the
distro. See doc/Section_tools.html.

Also see the Pre-Post processing page on the web
site for links to many such tools.


I like the topotools in VMD by Dr. Kohlmeyer.