Creative Commons Attribution and citation

Hi, I want to use in wikipedia an image token from the material graphic generator. How can I proceed? which citations shall I mention and which creative commons attribution shall I use?

Apart from the “main” citation at the top of, you should if convenient use the additional citations included for the particular material via the “BibTeX citation” buttons at the bottom of any detail page.

Our (interactive) images are generated from our data using JSmol, which is LGPLv2 software. You can use CC BY 4.0 for static screenshots, with attribution to JSmol and the Materials Project as aforementioned.

Hi. I have a similar question. I am using a snippet of WSe2 band structure from Materials Project site in a paper that I am about to submit to a peer reviewed journal. (I have done some calculations based on the graph, for which I have added numbers on the aforementioned snippet). My question is again, how should I cite/attribute it. I understand that I need to use the ‘main’ citation mentioned in the previous answer, and also the ones suggested at the bottom of the material page. What I am not sure about it, should I also cite JSmol? From what I saw by a cursory glance on their web page, It seems it generates the unit cell graphs, but I am not sure about the band structure. So, for band structure, should I cite JSmol, or some other software? Thank you.

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We use our pymatgen library’s electronic_structure.plotter module to generate the Band Structure and Density of States plots displayed on the site. There is an entry on for citing the Pymatgen library: please use that citation for the plot. Thanks.

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