CTI+EAM Potential

Hello LAMMPS users,

I intended to perform a simulation using the Streitz-Mintmire (CTI+EAM) potential on an RVE consisting of Al2O3. However, I was unable to run a multi-core simulation. I use the below command to start a multi-core simulation and I usually don’t have any problem with any other potential:

lmp_serial -pk omp #cores -sf omp -in input.in

Do you have any idea on how to obviate this problem?
It is worth mentioning that I’ve checked this problem on different computers and different versions of LAMMPS, however, it is still unable to use the cores.

How does it manifest that you are unable to use multiple ores?
Have you checked in the documentation that all styles in use are supported by the OPENMP package?

Thanks for your quick response. Actually, the task manager demonstrates that the simulation takes up less than 5% of the CPU. But now I checked for the OPENMP support and found nothing =)) Problem solved. It seems that I have to use the KSPACE package. Thank you again.