cubic with 4 fixed walls

hello dear
i am simulating a cubic.can anybody introduce a site or a data file for a cubic with 4 fixed walls?has anybody seen sth like it?i need it.
in the attached images ,geometry has two fixed walls (blue atoms).it should have 2 other walls(blue atoms).it is now a microchannel. but by adding two walls it is changed to should be like it.(kinds of atoms arent importanat)

thank you
i appreciate anyhelp






Okay, the pictures help a lot. This looks like the initial
configuration for a fluid (red spheres) confined to a slab geometry by
two immobile layers (blue spheres). This is sometimes called a slit
pore geometry. You are looking for a square pore geometry, which
requires two more layers of blue atoms oriented perpendicular to the
first two. There are many ways to achieve this, either using LAMMPS
directly, or some other method that generates a LAMMPS data file.
However you managed to construct the slit pore geometry, only a
trivial modification of that method should be sufficient to generate
the square geometry. But it does not make sense to ask the mailing
list readers to provide you with a geometry. It's a fish versus
fishing situation.


2015-11-14 3:53 GMT-07:00 Mehdi zarei <[email protected]>:

Please keep this on the mailing list. You should be able to construct
regions of mobile and immobile atoms in a manner similar to
examples/friction. Study that example carefully; it will teach you
how to catch fish with LAMMPS.