Current Job Openings

This thread will list current job openings with either ourselves or our collaborators. Please follow the instructions in individual job postings for more information.

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Seaborg Institute Actinide Materials Discovery Postdoctoral Associate
Idaho Falls, ID

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is seeking a well-qualified Seaborg Institute Postdoctoral Research in Materials Science or Physics or comparable discipline in the Nuclear Science and Technology Division. You will join the modeling and simulation effort to support ongoing and future efforts in the Nuclear Materials Discovery and Qualification initiative (NMDQi). You will focus on interfacing with technical staff on developing workflows to advance INL’s capabilities in modeling actinides; materials characterization (X-ray CT, TEM, XRD, SEM, etc.); and advanced numerical algorithms to discover novel thermal, mechanical and physical properties associated with actinides. Combined experimental, computational, and analytical techniques will be employed to understand actinides under extreme conditions that may include neutron/ion irradiation, corrosion, and/or high-temperature applications. Density functional theory and related computing frameworks and ontologies, for capturing near and longer time and defect-scale simulations of f and d-element material chemistry will be explored.

Full job posting including equal employment opportunity statement, responsibilities and required qualifications available at

Materials Project Web Developer
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Lab’s Energy Storage & Distributed Resources (ESDR) Division has an opening for a Web Developer to join the Materials Project!
In this role, you will work in a small team composed of both computer scientists and materials scientists, a team that will continue to grow and evolve as our fast-paced project pushes new boundaries. We are seeking web developers and designers who are versatile, passionate and ready to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology and science forward.
Be part of the revolution in scientific and technological breakthroughs brought on by advanced computing. We are looking for someone with the desire and imagination to drive the Materials Project in new and exciting directions as the number and diversity of our simulations grow.
The Materials Project ( is a leader in the new wave of “data-driven science” that is already affecting how thousands of scientists, many of them world leaders in their fields, connect, explore, and interact with information and one another. We use millions of CPU-hours a year to compute the properties of advanced new materials, and disseminate the information with web interfaces and APIs.

Full job posting including equal employment opportunity statement, responsibilities and required qualifications available at