Custom compute ID for displace

please *always* reply to the mailing list, not individual people.

I tried dis1 also and it didn't work

"didn't work" is the worst kind of description you can give. *nobody*
can help you with that.

that being said, my guess is that you already have forgotten what has
been explained to you earlier, i.e. that you are trying to dump a per
atom vector, so that you have to pick and choose which of the per atom
properties you actually want to write out to the dump file.

this is getting pretty frustrating for people on the mailing list to
have to explain the same thing over and over again. while all you need
to know is outlined in great detail in the documentation. please try
to find a way to read the documentation in a different way, so that
you can actually remember what it says. try to experiment with the
examples given and try to understand, *why* and *how* they work. just
trying random things and asking "i tried everything, but it doesn't
work"-style questions, is not going to get you very far in this