custom fix and pairstyle give error when called from python

    Hi all,

    I have a custom fix and pair style that I use quite often. I've compiled
    the shared lib according the instructions and re installed the python
    packages after the changes.

    Both the old and the pylammps interfaces don't recognize them.

    Both the pair style and the fix show up in the output from lammps -h |

    The lammps binary runs without problems.

    Running the same input file through lmp.file("inputfile") gives "ERROR:
    Unknown pair style"

    When I use the same lammps library in my openfoam-lammps code it
    runs ok.

    Is this me or a bug?

​this is very unlikely to be a bug.
you can cross-check which library object and LAMMPS version was picked
up​ and which styles they contain through the "info" command.
so do a lmp.command("info all") and see what your python module picked up.


I think the problem was with the anaconda python distribution. When I
compiled again against the system python3 it works as expected.
I'll see if I can found out what goes wrong with the anaconda python3

Thanks for you help.


Probably Anaconda looks for its libraries in a different location, and hence will not find your .so automatically.