Dark theme for matsci.org

Hello MP community,
Would it be possible to get a dark theme for the matsci.org website? (Unless it’s already available and I just couldn’t find the setting.)
I’m often times nocturnal (and not a vampire :vampire: - promise! :wink: ).

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HI @peterschindler,

We have two other themes installed (graceful and Vincent). I now realise these were not selectable by users so I’ve changed that so you should be able to try them now, Vincent is a darker theme.

Theme installation is actually very straightforward so if yourself or another user wants a different theme installed, provided that theme is one of the more well known ones (i.e. I can reasonably assume it’s well-supported), it’d be no problem to install.



p.s. the matsci community strives to serve everyone, whether nocturnal, diurnal or cathemeral :slight_smile:


Hi @mkhorton ,
Thanks a lot - highly appreciate your accommodating of all weird sleeping patterns! :slight_smile:

The Vincent theme is great! However, it does seem to distort the homepage alignment of the individual boards (only on the main page) on Firefox:

Not a huge deal though. Thanks again!


Ok, good to know, thanks. I update the themes regularly whenever updates are available so hopefully the theme authors will address this issue soon.