Data file in moltemplate

Hello Andrew,
Can you guide me how to create data file for bonds for a polymer of size say 128 with one atom each with a single command rather than writing explicitly the commands for each bond as:

write(“Data Bonds”) {
$bond:bb1 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[0]/CA $atom:monomers[1]/CA
$bond:bb2 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[1]/CA $atom:monomers[2]/CA
$bond:bb3 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[2]/CA $atom:monomers[3]/CA
$bond:bb4 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[3]/CA $atom:monomers[4]/CA
$bond:bb5 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[4]/CA $atom:monomers[5]/CA
$bond:bb6 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[5]/CA $atom:monomers[6]/CA
$bond:bb7 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[6]/CA $atom:monomers[7]/CA
$bond:bb8 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[7]/CA $atom:monomers[8]/CA
$bond:bb9 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[8]/CA $atom:monomers[9]/CA
$bond:bb10 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[9]/CA $atom:monomers[10]/CA
$bond:bb127 @bond:Monomer/bb $atom:monomers[126]/CA $atom:monomers[127]/CA

I created a file “” for defining polymer:

write(“Data Atoms”)
$atom:ca $mol:. @atom:ca 0 1.000 0.000 0.000

write_once(“Data Masses”)
@atom:ca 13.0
write(“Data Bonds”)
$bond:ca @bond:backbone $atom:ca $atom:ca

write_once(“In Settings”)
pair_coeff @atom:ca @atom:ca 1.0 2.0

bond_coeff @bond:backbone 15.0 2


abd then called it in file with

import “
polymer = new POLY[128].move(3.2,0.0,0.0)

but its not working.
Andri Sharma