Data file

Dear All

Despite convenient features of VMD (topotool plugin) for building a data file, its still highly tremendous to assign the type to atoms of a large molecule, such as lipids.

My molecule is completely arbitrary, without any support by PDB website.

Is there any visual molecule builder to specify atom type in accord with a given Force Field?
I’ve tried Avogadro, but it lacks such option.

this is now the third time, you are posting what is essentially the same question.
you already did get some detailed information the first time.

there is no value at all in reposting the same question:

  • if you didn’t get the kind of response you expected, then you would have to explain in more detail what you are looking for and why the response you received was not sufficient or applicable
  • if there was somebody else that could add to your (unmodified) inquiry, that person would have already responded. by repeating the identical question you are at best make your self look ungrateful for the help you already received, and at worst ignorant and disrespectful.