Data unavailable in the new materials project version

I have been trying to extract some properties of materials using method in the new materials-project version using MPRester from mp_api client. However, even after giving the required entries in the fields section, it is throwing up an error saying that the entries not been requested in fields. When I checked in detail, I have found that many properties of materials, especially electronic properties are not available in the new version but were available in the legacy version. For example, for the material ids, ’ mp-1692’,’ mp-1132’,etc. the dos, bandstructure information are missing. However, at the same time, there are differences in other properties such as formation energy which I hope are updated for more accuracy in the new version along with the possibility of immediate deprecation of legacy version due to which I prefer to use the latest version. But since important information are missing in the new version, I am unable to use it for data extraction. Any suggestion for resolving this problem?

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Hi @Akhil_S,

For example, for the material ids, ’ mp-1692’,’ mp-1132’,etc. the dos, bandstructure information are missing.

Which dos, bandstructure properties are you trying to access specifically? There are additional API routes for more detailed electronic structure information, such as mpr.electronic_structure. The summary doc only contains basic summary information, such as band gap.

If you can share specific code you’re trying this might be helpful.



Dear Matt,
Many thanks for your reply. I am interested in properties of dos such as kurtosis, skewness, etc. I have also tried to extract the data using mpr.electronic_structure_dos.get_dos_from_material_id(). However, for some of the materials (eg: mp_id=mp-555434), this is also not working as it showing an error, mp_api.client.core.client.MPRestError: No density of states data found for mp-555434. Hereby I am giving the part of the code where the problem arises;

def get_dos_properties(mp_id):
return dos_docs.get_band_skewness()


And the error is “MPRestError: No density of states data found for mp-555434”

Thanks in advance

Dear Akhil,
Not all materials in the Materials Project have density of states data calculated for them. 88,836/146323 materials have density of states data. That is why for some materials, it will not work.