Definitions of Features

I can’t seem to find a place where features produced by the featurizers are defined. Most of them are obvious by the feature name but some are less clear, e.g., v_m.

Please let me know if/where I can find more detailed descriptions.

Much appreciated!

Found the info in the SI of Gapped metals as thermoelectric materials revealed by high-throughput screening.

Can be found here

@kdmiller good to know you found it! If you have other questions about it please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

I might also have the original Automatminer pipelines lying around somewhere which would be usable with older versions of automatminer (i.e., you can load them and use them yourself in like ~5 lines of code), so let me know if you are interested in those and I can go looking around to see if I still have them

It looks like the SI I found might not have the comprehensive list of descriptions of all the features in Matminer. I’d still like to know where I can find that info.

Thanks for the offer but I’m really just interested in the definitions of the features. It would be nice if this was in the docs. Perhaps it is and I’m just not finding it…

oh, if you are looking for all the explanations of descriptors in matminer you’ll find them in the documentation for the .featurize methods docstrings for each of the individual featurizers. So you go to the code location for the featurizer on github or in your IDE and there will be explanations there

We are missing some but are working on getting comprehensive explanations of all the features for every featurizer into the docs

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