different energy when using balance command

Please post to the list, not to me.

b) running any minimization to 1.0e-12 accuracy is a calculation
sensitive to small numerical differences. Do you get similar
differences if you run on different numbers of processors?

Yes, I tried 16 cpus and 8 cpus.

Let me clarify my question. You say you get “big”

differences when you run with balance vs no-balance.

I’m asking if you also get similar “big” differences

when you run with no-balance on different

#s of procs. If so, then I’m guessing it has

nothing to do with balancing, but with simple round-off

issues in a minimization performed to extremely high

tolerance, which is a not a stable numerical process

for many kinds of problems. I.e. small differences

can lead to divergent trajectories in the minimization