dihedral_style table patch (corrects table file read error)

Thomas Rosch found a bug in dihedral_table.cpp causing dihedral tables
to be read incorrectly. The attached file corrects this problem.
Earlier users were having problems with the table format as well. If
you were having trouble, this may fix it. Please send this upstream.

Let me know if you see any more strange behaviour.
Thank you Thomas


-- details --
The documentation specifies that a blank line must precede each
table's contents, however dihedral_style table would fail if that
blank line was present.
Earlier users including myself had been getting around this bug by
leaving this blank line out inadvertently. The current patch skips
over any number of blank lines or comment lines preceding the table
contents. Error checking has been improved.

dihedral_table.cpp (42.8 KB)


since steve seems to be very busy right now,
i've included the updated version (in addition to
most of the other bugfixes and improvements
posted to the list recently) into LAMMPS-ICMS.