disorganized output

Dear LAMMPS users,

I am still a beginner. I am using LAMMPS 15 April 2020 version for MD simulation of aluminum alloys to find out its Nano-machining dynamics. I developed the workpiece (Al alloy) and tool (Carbon) using atomisk, merged them together using material studio and converted the combination back to LAMMPS format. My simulation runs perfectly on my laptop but the challenge I’m having is when I try to view and analyze the dumps (output) files in the OVITO, it really did not make sense to me at all and some of the subsequent dump did not even open (giving me : ‘parsing error’ ). I don’t know what exactly I’m not doing right. I hereby attached my input script, data file and screen shot of a dump file to this email. Please, I will be very grateful if anyone can assist me. Thank you in advance.

Note: the data_file follow immediately.


sim_ovito.docx (365 KB)

in.stepsil_lammpscript (15.6 KB)

This sounds like you are having a problem with Ovito. This would have its own user forum and you should ask for help there.


BTW: as a point of reference, you can also generate images using the dump image command.