Distance between voronoi-neighbor atoms

I’ve been meaning to use the Voronoi tesselation function on an assembly of spherical atoms and then writing the atom-ID:s to a file, but would also like to have the distance between atoms that share a face (taking into account the periodic cell, i.e. atoms on edge of boundary share face with neighbor at opposite side). Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

I’ve checked compute pair/local, but this requires that the atoms interact in some way, which they don’t have to in order to be neighbors.

Compute and dumps as following:
compute voro_ all voronoi/atom radius v_r neighbors yes peratom yes
dump 3 all local 1 voro.txt index c_voro_[1] c_voro_[2]

This sounds like a post-processing task to me.

Or you could modify the compute voronoi/atom code to also output the distance as a 4th column.