Does fix nve/sphere update dipole moment according to the electricity field ?

Dear lammps users,

I am curious that is the pair style lj/cut/dipole/long a way to simulate a polarizable force field described by point dipoles. The Doc of this pair style shows the expressions, which are exactly how electronic polarization can be accounted for due to the change of the environment of each atom. If it does so, then why it doesn’t ask for the polarizability of atoms, and how the command fix nve/sphere update dipole works, the Docs of this fix command says that the orientation of the dipole is updating, what about the magnitude. I appreciate for any ideas and suggestions. Thanks very much.

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Jiasen Guo

Lj/cut/dipole/long is a pair style that includes charge-dipole and dipole-dipole interactions, where the dipole moments – exactly like charges - are pre-defined (via atom_style and read_data commands). The charges and the dipole moments do not vary hence it is not a “polarizable” force field. Fix nve/sphere update dipole updates the orientation of the dipoles, but the magnitudes are fixed to their initial pre-defined values.