Does NaVPO4 exist?

I used MP to generate the phase diagram between Na, V and PO4… but this compound does not appear… why is that?

Hi @Gene_Nolis,

We don’t appear to have a NaVPO4 compound in our database.

In general, if you’re looking for a specific compound, you should search for it first and ensure its in our database.

If you have a CIF for a NaVPO4 structure, you can submit it to us for us to calculate and we can add it to our database.

The phase diagram for any given chemical system will only include the materials in that chemical system that exist in our database, there’s no guarantee we would have an entry for every stoichiometry, and many stoichiometries likely don’t have a stable material.

The only reason I posted to the forum is because I first searched for it and couldn´t find it in your database.

Thanks mkhorton… if I am successful in synthesizing the material then I will send the CIF file to you to enhance your database

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