Domain too large for neighbor bins (... /nbin_standard.cpp:104)

Dear Lammps user.
What is the reason for the following error in the simulation? How can I solve this problem? I tried to increase the Skin value, but it did not work and the problem persists. Does anyone have a better solution for this problem?
Error: Domain too large for neighbor bins (… /nbin_standard.cpp:104)

The error message for this may be misleading, since it is usually caused by bad input and thus this is more a symptom that the cause and making the symptom go away does not remove the cause.
There is not enough information here to give any more specific suggestions.

Please have a look at the mailing list guidelines, which apply to the forum just as well, about how to ask and what information to provide.

Thank you Mr. Professor for your reply.

Thanks for the link!