DOS data Mismatch between API and website

Hi,I try to download the DOS data through MPRester:

with MPRester('API_KEY') as mpr:
    dos = mpr.get_dos_by_material_id('mp-126')
    spd_dos = dos.get_spd_dos()
    dos_eng = spd_dos[OrbitalType.d].energies.tolist()
    d_dos_dens = spd_dos[OrbitalType.d].get_densities().tolist()

However I got a differnet DOS compared with the data in website. For example, data from API has no electron distributed at Fermi level…I am wandering if I made something wrong?

many thanks!

Use the dos plotter in pymatgen for the easiest way to have it match.

from pymatgen.electronic_structure.plotter import DosPlotter
p = DosPlotter()