doubt about fix addforce in peridynamics

Hi all:
I am trying to simulate the fracture of cuboid rotating blade by peridynamics. I want to research the trajectory and energy of blade debris after the blade broken. I came up with two problems.
(1) I use "fix move rotate"command to rotate the blade around the x-axis. My doubt is whether it will produce centrifugal force automatically without imposinging any other force?
(2) I want to impose a tension force to the rotating blade to simulate the fracture.The blade rotates around the x-axis.The force is a constant along the longitudinal direction of the blade,and is vertical to x-axis always.So i use “fix addfore” command to define this time-dependent force without using the “minimize” command.
But i think this time-dependent force is not recognized likely, why? To impose this force, what commands shoud I use which are priority to the follow commands? I have written the input script as follows:

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